En”Vision”ing A Galaxy of Creativity
Updated 2022-01-04

Announcing Vision G.EX 1901, the latest graduating batch of 10 passionate and talented students of Interior Design! Following the theme of ‘Tarot Galaxy’, Vision is about their insight and planning for the future to achieve their goals, preparing themselves to achieve their dreams with the help of their past and present experiences. Their batch ID 1901, divided into the numbers 19, 0 and 1, represents the tarot card’s primary arcana numbers, meaning that as the protagonists, they possess the knowledge, power, potential and the same final goal, which is to graduate. The Past is represented by their three years of study at The One Academy, the Present refers to their current situation as they prepare for graduation, whereas the Future relates to their next journey after graduating. No matter where their destiny leads them, we wish them all the best! Show your support by checking out their virtual graduation exhibition on Behance at!